Corrina Thornton

Name: Corrina Thornton                               Contact:       Website:

About the work:

I engage in haptic, intuitive and aesthetic conversations with materials which find form as mixed media site specific drawings.

I use the whole space; allowing myself to spread out. Removing limitations and showing my presence in the moment. Any marks, bumps, cracks or imperfections in the environment will be used as a starting point to a drawing that will expand around the room, each part a reaction and a debate on what has been made before and what territory surrounds it.

My voice in this colloquy changes with importance and noise; sometimes these interactions are purely about the materials, the qualities that they contain and how they relate to each other. Then there are times when I will be at the forefront.

To do this I use a combination of both spontaneity and repeated actions. Repetition facilitates the spontaneous, and the spontaneous then becomes the repeated action. The controlled. The rehearsed. Within this situation there are variations, which then become the spontaneous.  Fluctuation.

The materials I use are broad and include ceramics, textiles, found objects and yarns.

artist studio

detail from artist studio

detail from artist studio

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